Consume The Serpent

by Consume The Serpent

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released July 25, 2017


all rights reserved



Consume The Serpent Monterey, California

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Track Name: Ritual Of The Unholy Snake
Skin to ember
Dripping in sweat
Bring things to an end
Covered in rot
Coiling serpent on the ground
An unholy mass
Withering your blood
Coveted serpent
Stave the plague
Riddled in blackness
In blackness
Praying for death
Caught beneath an avalanche
Cancer until the end
The boiling lake
Relentless and killing
Withering blood
Ending your life
The serpent
Your purpose in ruin
Open it
Let me in
Bury it
In an avalanche
Avalanche, avalanche, avalanche
Covered in black
Carved till there's nothing left
Crawling across screaming embers
Paid to the serpent in you
A door within
Let the lies coil over you
The dark angel has come
Dripping in blackness
Cascade of trial
Brings all things to end
End it, end it, end it
Track Name: Writhing In The Pit
It is no more
More than burden
More then the rot
Bring the ruin
The violent circus
Un-crate, bring it out
Let your heart boil
Is it safe to bring
Cold dead flood
Could it be, to be alone
Hesitating speed
Not so fast
Rolling in envy
Covered and piled in empty
Peel it away
Not on the fallen,
Peel it away
That's to bring an end
Lets bring it in
Lets bring the flood
What will bleed
Peeling all over the void
Reeled in and rolled in strings
Fear not, coil in of cancer
Beast compelled, burn it all around
No world, no one be undone
Track Name: Becon The Coiling Abyss
Sensory of blood
Sending in this black
Climbing on the wood
Coming undone
Sensor in this pit
The end is so bleak
Covered in malice
Darkness will never pass
Seeding in this planet
Terminating in ritual
Ask it to move past
Sensory of death
Caught beneath a hidden shape
Hate, ruin, shit,
This pain has been
Transferred unto the serpent
This madness, this feeling is unrelenting
Open, open, open this door
Open it, open it, open the pit
Track Name: Digestion Of Prey
Property will only bring
Sentiments of squalor
Tell them and bring them to me
Share in this forever
Because I've broken
The balance of meaning subsides
In the crippling of whats loved
In knowledge of pain
And violence that's brought here
To be boiling over us
Lets summon the serpent to freedom
Rattle breaking your back
Cold rot
It's what covers your eyes
Coveting, drowning in coin
Let be the skin will burn
Let you live in pain and silence
And then you will find
This won't last forever
Written in blood
Mechanical oath
White light,
Rattling, rattling,
Seething in the burn
Apocalyptic haze
Track Name: Ashes And Scales
Come open this thing into ash
Sediment light brings
Withering away in this horrid dust
Nothing can last behind your eyes
Will you be, will you
Dripping in the beyond
Shaking cut circuits off
Will you be
Dripping in the beyond
Bending and ending it
Ceremony to all
Wings pull your head under
And withering
Let go of it
End in cataclysmic event
Let it pass
Tear off
If it came in,
Heads of fools
Suffer suffer.

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